Ask for each party`s leaders to have a meeting within one or two weeks to try to resolve disputes. If this does not work, the parties should go to mediation. Mediation is a process in which the two parties meet and distribute the costs of a neutral mediator who tries to facilitate a solution between the parties. The mediator can bring the parties together and have their differences resolved. If there is an impasse in mediation, the parties may go to arbitration or litigation, but only after mediation. Fifty per cent or more of the disputes are actually resolved during mediation. Say that your contractor and his or her team have suddenly stopped working, and that he or she is demanding excessive payment for equipment and work that were not originally agreed upon. Or your client, the owner, refuses to pay you once the project is complete. One way or another, you should make sure that you have a written agreement to protect your rights.

If you don`t agree, you risk wasting time and money, not to mention the quality of the construction. Do the parties each have the same understanding of what is stipulated in the treaty? How often do entrepreneurs face clients who think something has been involved in the work? The contractor may have believed that this specially manufactured task or material or item was excluded. But is that it? Did the contractor articulate what volume and price were? A more accurate list of what is excluded can rule out this problem. Articulate what is not in price or scale and reduce the chance that a party believes something needs to be done if not. You should consider implementing a construction contract if: 5. The owner has the free intrusion into the premises and the exit of the premises to the contractors, officials, employees, subcontractors and all other persons who are needed as part of the execution of the work under the agreement. This contract is based on units set up and not on a single price. Payment is calculated at a certain rate for each item, z.B. Kubikhof for the amount of concrete time.

« The contractor indicates a price for a task or a certain volume of work, although the parties may not know, at the time of contracting, the actual number of work units to be performed. » [14] As a result, the owner does not have a specific final price until the project is completed. [19] This type of contract is generally used where the amount of work cannot be demonstrated, such as projects. B of civil engineering, where the ground and rock are dug. The contractor is paid on the basis of the units set up and verified by the owner. [20] Or maybe you are a local contractor who wants to grow your business and take charge of major construction projects. One way or another, you should make sure that you have a written agreement to act as a plan until the construction is completed to repair the folds. The specific rules chosen are, to a large extent, determined by what works best for both parties. Keep in mind that a short document is better than no document, and a more in-depth document is better than a document that is too general. Sometimes one wonders if a handwritten agreement (unlike a typed arrangement) is valid. Yes, that`s right. What about something electronic? Yes, an email that approves the terms of the agreement is accepted as a contract. What happens if the contractor doesn`t have an original? The holder is not required to dispose of the original for there to be a valid contract.

In one recent case, it was even found that an SMS exchange was sufficient to create a valid contract between two parties. A national construction contract is a contract that includes all work that should be done for the construction of a purchase or dwelling building existing or taking place in a given country; not foreign or international.