No information on the number of agreements required for each badge level. They can follow the same pattern they used for Ingress badges, or they can go with a completely different set of requirements. As a reference, the Ingress requirements are below, they also have 2 other badges beyond gold. These medals recognize the achievement of certain thresholds in your life statistics. These medals are available in five stages: bronze, silver, gold, platinum and onyx (sometimes called « black »). Beyond the officer`s level 8, a number of silver or higher medals are needed to increase. Non-nuclear medals – even those that are staggered – are not part of a nuclear medal level, regardless of their actual colour, and therefore do not contribute to levelling. The following medals are not covered by any of the other medal categories: Gisterenavond konde Niantic het al aan in nude is het ook zover. De Wayfarer-Medaille ist live voor Pokémon GO-spelers en dat een dag nadat spelers van een nog lager level kunnen keuren. I kunt sinds gisteren namelijk vanaf level 38 Pokéstops keuren (in dus niet aanvragen!). Nu deze badge ook live is, weten we ook op basis waarvan i deze kunt. Het is belangrijk dat de « agreements points » die je haalt, zijn behaald op het moment dat je een groene status hebt in Wayfarer. The following basic medals can no longer be obtained, but still count for leveling: For example, let`s say you are a level 12 officer shot for level 13, which requires a deck and seven gold medals.

You now have enough AP and seven gold medals, but not yet the platinum-one. If you prepare one of your gold medals on platinum, you will go up right away because the gold medal has not been removed. Below is a list of the basic medals currently available, with their descriptions in the scanner; Click on a medal name to get more details about this medal: character medals refer to someone or something important in the history of Ingress. Originally, they were reached by meeting a character in person at an ingress event. The character would give you a special passcode card that would award the medal. More recently, Swag packs sold by Niantic have included them, and the characters themselves have not distributed (probably to avoid competing with swag-pack sales). Below is a list of existing character medals, as well as all the information we have on how they were obtained and the current availability. Medals are won by the sale of supporters` kits, unless otherwise stated: A decoration is shown to indicate when a medal has been won several times by a recursion.

The « Agreements » section of your Wayfarer profile displays all your agreements on Player-appointed Wayspots, even those that are made if you`re not standing in a good (yellow) or large (green) way. Only nominating agreements, good or high profile, contribute to your progress towards the medal, which could contribute to a possible difference between your medal progression and the Wayfarer profile. Mission medals are awarded for closing missions created by agents, which are located in the « Missions » tab on the Ops screen. They are round instead of hexagonal and are displayed in a separate section of the agent`s profile. If you are excited and want to try to check, you can access the signaling system here. We zijn heel benieuwd welke Wayfarer-medal jullie hebben gehad (als never hem hebt gehad). Laat het ons weten via Facebook! We also add rewards to the game and update them! At Ingress, we temporarily double the credit value for Wayfarer`s agreements towards the recon medal.