The student contract model must be used by each student who does a VFU/internship. Please note that this model of agreement is only intended as an illustration. It contains conditions representative of a basic agreement on cooperation in the field of research and which contain provisions relating to the transfer of material, but any such agreement is subject to amendments based on the unique aspects of any cooperation. Standard agreements are starting points and their use is not mandatory. Each model agreement provides for different circumstances and is not sectoral, allowing for flexible use. However, model agreements can be adapted to the particular circumstances of your project. Cooperative training agreements can be signed with an existing IU partner or with non-partner institutions. Non-partner institutions should not promote the agreement as a partnership with the IU. Click on it to see a series of example licensing agreements. Please note that university-sponsored research procedures must be followed prior to the implementation of an agreement by one of the parties, including admissions at the departmental and academic level via the Cayuse Internal Processing Form (IPF) and documentation of compliance issues. Harvard`s OTD organizes thousands of material transfers each year to facilitate scientific progress and innovation. The following standard agreements contain conditions that are representative of material transfer agreements (MDUs), but which are provided only for illustrative purposes and can make changes.

The 7-model research cooperation agreements cover one project for one. Each offers a different approach to knowing who owns and should use the IP in the results or results of the project. A decision guide will help you decide which agreement you can use. These agreements are concluded by the faculty and signed by the Dean and Vice-Rector of the Faculty. International process managers Collaboration Agreements The initial agreements developed by the Brunswick Group have been revised and updated by an initiative sponsored by the Russell Group. The full list of organizations that have registered for the use of these models is available here. They are based on both the previous Brunswick agreements and a number of agreements concluded and concluded by all Scottish universities, consulted with both the Russell Group and the Brunswick Group universities. They have been updated to reflect the changes that have been put forward since their inception and, if necessary, to reflect English jurisdiction.