Administrative agreements generally do not involve creative services and focus exclusively on tasks such as correctly recording your songs with pay sources and collection companies around the world, as well as collecting royalties on your behalf. Most administrators also process paperwork for all the sync licenses you get for a percentage of the sync license. This is called « passive » synchronization income. In some cases, administrative transactions may include an advance that must be recovered in the same way as in the case of a co-publication agreement (which we will detail soon), which means that before you receive royalties, you must repay your entire advance. It is important to know that these agreements can be difficult to obtain. In general, you must have already had some success in the world of songwriting and/or have relationships with people from the music industry who can get your work in front of a publishing house. Even then, your songs must be good enough for the publisher to invest his time and money in you. A co-publication agreement can be the right one for you and your career. But make sure you know what the terms mean, read the agreement completely, hire a lawyer, and take your time before signing, so you`re ready to make better business decisions. 6. Advances. In the case of co-publishing agreements, advances are almost always made to the songwriter.

For bands that have signed new record contracts, the initial advance of a major music publishing house is often between $100,000 and $250,000 and sometimes more, with additional advances that are paid when the publishing house exercises its options for later albums. But these amounts have decreased considerably in recent uses due to the drop in record sales. To help you navigate the music publisher`s apparent minefield, we`ve put together some simple definitions of standard music publishing chords you might encounter. These definitions are designed as the first guide to understanding aid. However, you should contact a music law specialist to verify the terms of the contract. The music publisher is something that many small artists don`t think about, and to be honest, some of them don`t have to. If you`re just getting started with music, focus on getting the word out and collecting lots of tunes before you delve too deep into the complicated world of music publishing. Apart from that, publishing is a very important (albeit less than sexy) part of the industry, and if you are successful enough, or even work for any time, you will have to deal with it at some point.